Community Birth Experience

Practice your skills and build confidence as a birth assistant while making friends for life.

Come to Alaska and bunk up with fellow birth nerds for 10 weeks to dive deep into an immersive Student Midwife and Birth Assisting Experience. Price includes Pro BA Program, NRP, BLS, housing, 5+ labors to attend, preceptor support, and memories to last a lifetime. 

If you have not completed a birth assistant training yet, never fear! All Community Birth Experience students receive access to our Professional Birth Assistant Program curriculum upon enrollment into the Experience. This program is great for phase two and assistant level midwifery students looking for rural and high volume on-call experience. 


 Program Includes

Professional Birth Assistant Program grads can enroll in a Community Birth Experience and receive:

  • 10 weeks of housing with your colleagues (Flight and food/personal living costs not included, housing comes with wi-fi and all utilities covered),
  • Shared House Vehicle for Births and Sight-Seeing across AK during your time off
  • Professional Birth Assistant Program course enrollment to complete at your own pace before we begin our skills training May 20.
  • 4 day skills weekend to master IVs, NRP, BLS, charting, obtaining maternal, fetal, and newborn vital signs, and all the skills you’ll use in routine and complication care management
  • Certifications: NRP, BLS, Certified Professional Birth Assistant, Preceptor sign off on births (with participating preceptor attended births)
  • 10 weeks access to student on call calendar
  • 5 labor assisting experiences with local midwives across the Anchorage and Mat-Su areas of Alaska
  • Weekly office hours with Jess, Jenn, and the midwives to check in, process birth experiences, and get your dossier for hire dialed in for graduation.
  • A lifetime of Alaskan summer birth memories and a wealth of hands-on skills experience



Full Tuition


Interested in hands-on skills training this year or maybe next?

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