We invite you to join us as we strive to help build a safer, fully inclusive, loving, and continually evolving birth community.

Professional Birth Assistant Program

We believe in reasonably priced, easily accessible education that is rooted in trauma-informed and evidence-based maternal health data and the most current standards and techniques of community based care strategy for best client outcomes. Birth is a calling and a sacred responsibility. It is not enough to just want to be in the birth room and to believe that birth just works. We believe it is the duty of everyone who enters the birth space to be as competent and trained in routine and complication care management strategies as possible. We believe that students learning and serving right where they are establishes a respect of place as students begin their birth professional journey. Too long have providers been removed for education and indoctrination and then returned to communities. Education in place is vital to the roots of community care. We know that the more competent Professional Birth Assistants we can train nationwide, the more clients that midwives can serve now. We also know that by educating and getting students trained and experienced so that THEY can also make money while working in birth as Professional Birth Assistants, we see now that this economic stimulation brings more students into midwifery. Public safety and safe community birth rely on growing midwifery as a profession, which requires it be supported to do so well with well trained support staff, economic reward for continued commitment, and more. We pay the midwives near our students for their help in getting students vital birth experience in their training phase. We pay the students for their affiliate support as they move forward in their careers with midwives near them. In this way, we protect the public health demand for cultural match in care by aligning students and midwives of similar communities to serve according to their needs, desires, and demands while providing exceptional education and training and helping to stimulate a mutually beneficial economy that protects and projects safe community birth access for clients and providers across our nation now.

Exclusive Midwife Community

Here at PBI, we strongly believe in culturally matched care. We won’t be marching in to other communities and instructing them on what to do and what to change. Each community has the right to choose how it will heal, grow, and nourish inside their their innate capacity and their best way forward. With this in mind, we’ve created the Pay The Midwife program. Every student’s tuition has a $500 credit built in that goes directly to the midwife with whom they want to gain community birth experience. We have students from all over the world and in virtually every state. If you’re interested in bringing in more birth assistants to help your midwives, or yourself, join our exclusive midwife community and let’s support each other and our communities.