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We bring safe maternity care training into the homes of students across the world who are the next generation of home and birth center providers.

Right now, the United States is one of the wealthiest countries and yet it has some of the worst maternal and neonatal outcomes in the developed world. At the Pacific Birth Institute, we are committed to reducing the impact of the maternal mortality and physician crises on families by training the future community nurse and professional midwives and birth assistants in the safe and evidence-based routine and complication care management of community birth now. It is our mission to reduce mortality in birth in the USA by championing the training and education of 100,000 Professional Birth Assistants (Pro BAs) by 2050 to safely welcome the influx of families choosing to give birth out of the hospital.


In honor of the 2022 Midwifery Wisdom Experience hosting Jess as a speaker and presenter, PBI is extending all MWC fans and conference attendees a huge discount on Pro BA tuition through November 19th, 2022 by slashing the price sitewide. No codes necessary to enjoy the midwifery love this month. Just toss the Pro BA Course payment plan you prefer on the Thinkific checkout page into your cart and the price you see is the discounted price of more than 50% (tuition returns to $3,000+ on November 20, 2022).

We are grateful to the Midwifery Wisdom Collective, Augustine Colebrook, and all the shining midwives who serve daily in every capacity. Happy November everyone from Jess and Jenn. Now go gobble up some Pro BA curriculum spots while they last!

Join Jess at the Midwifery Wisdom Experience in Galveston, Texas this fall!

Join Jess at the Midwifery Wisdom Experience in Galveston, Texas this fall!

November 10-18, 2022

Presenting “The Paradigm Shift: Why Midwifery Cannot Be Indoctrinated”, Helping Lead Apprentices and Birth Assistants through Skillz & Drillz


Courses & Memberships

Are you ready to commit to being a safe, smart, marketable member of the birth team and take your knowledge and skills for assisting community birth to the next level?

The Journey into Professional Birth Assisting has never been easier or more rewarding.

An In-depth & Educational Training Program

The Professional Birth Assistant is the doula to the midwife and therefore an integral part of the safety and flow of the entire birth process.

Become the midwife assistant that can help save lives and support families near you while earning money as you learn.

Affiliate Program

Current students, community midwives, and other perinatal professionals may be eligiable for affiliate program, where you get paid fo singing our praises. Affiliates can earn between $100-$250 per referral enrollment to the Pro BA Program.

Scholarship Program

For every 5 students that enroll in the Pro BA Program, 1 full scholarship will be awarded.

Learn more and apply for a scholarship.

Bringing Birth Back To The Community In Numbers

Scholarships Awarded

States in the U.S. with Students Enrolled

Countries with Students Enrolled

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