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We bring birth back into the community safely by bringing

community members back into the world of birth. 

We believe that reasonably-priced education that is based in trauma-informed and evidence-based maternal health data allows more members of the community to join the ranks of community birth professionals now. When we surveyed and assessed our participating students and communities, it became obvious that community birth work in the United States faces the challenge of getting providers paid well across each state, both in training and as licensed caregivers. Burn out is the number one killer of the midwife career, and we are here to support midwives so that they continue to serve clients and teach students in their community. Home and birth center birth choice is continuing to increase as more people walk away from the obstetric birth experiment of the 20th century. We believe that by educating more entry level birth assistants, we will cast a larger net, catching more future midwives and thus increasing our birth assistant support numbers and our midwife population simultaneously. This increase in student birth professionals motivates a “power-with” model of entry-level community birth professional and student experience infrastructure, where both the student and the midwife can meet and feel rewarded and supported. We aim to mend the economic disparities presented with the increased costs of becoming a community midwife in the US by offering student birth professionals a way to increase their market value and profitability in an affordable, accessible, scalable way that also increases the sustainability of midwifery care now by offering our Professional Birth Assistant Program.

We pay the midwives. We pay the students.

Scholarships & Beyond

We have decided as an Institute that our commitment to our vision, mission, and values be reflected as much as possible in the development of our Professional Birth Assistant Program (also affectionately known as Pro BA from here on out). We have faced the realities of maternal healthcare and provider access, and this program is our turning toward creating the reality we want to see.

At the Pacific Birth Institute, we honor education, innovation, infrastructure, and entrepreneurship as our pillar values. These values are readily apparent in the Pro BA program in the innovation of our Affiliate Economics – our promoters, students, instructors, lecturers, and participating midwives all receive a commission per program tuition, helping reward with real money the word of mouth of birth workers worldwide. 

We are committed to getting Pro BAs educated everywhere this century. Please see our Scholarships tab for all of our offerings for scholarships!

Pay the Midwives – We hold $500 of every Pro BA tuition for the student to use in birth experience credit with a participating midwife in our Midwife Network (want to be a PBI Midwife and join our Network? It’s easy, jump to the affiliate tab!). We require five births to complete the Pro BA program, and we offer $500 to midwives anywhere, anytime, who bring our graduates into the birth room for five labors. We know midwifery and birth skills are learned in place and we want to reward that commitment on behalf of the midwives to teach and serve. We know that grassroots economic reward delivered directly to the midwife providing the training will help stabilize the ability for midwives to welcome more students into practice, especially Pro BA program graduates who hold 60 hours of foundational knowledge to be of service while gaining birth room experience.

To be blunt and straight to the point?

Physicians are retiring at higher rates than they are matriculating back into their communities of origin to serve. The need for more midwives and birth assistants to accommodate the families returning to community birth rises every year. PBI is committed to helping be a positive part of the activation of community birth workers in every community. The more midwives that are supported by birth assistants, the more clients midwives can take on safely, and the more families that begin to be served now at home and at birth centers. For clients, this equates to higher rates of physiologic birth with lower rates of adverse outcomes. It equates to lower public health care costs, and this equates to better outcomes for everyone. The more birth assistants that find this program and the ability to work with midwives near them through our Midwife Network, the more student midwives are found and trained in place, and the more midwives we develop right now in each community where they are at. We don’t have 15 years per medical student to wait to be of service to the low risk clients and families in our nation now. We start saving lives by committing to be the safety net our community needs by each learning the skills needed to help assist in safe childbirth and we start supporting our midwives with funding and educated assistants now. Our Professional Birth Assistant Program is for anyone who wants to be exceptionally competent at assisting and anticipating routine and complicated care management in community birth settings.

If you are in the community birth room, or if you are feeling the call to sit at the side of the midwife and learn, this program is for YOU, no matter the role you currently play. The assistant, the PEP midwifery student, the doula looking to become more marketable and expand their skill set and safety at births, the birth keeper who trusts in birth and knows it is their duty to know how to anticipate and assist in the event of complications. Stay at home moms, PTs, OTs, speech therapists that want to work in birth because they have the calling. Artists who want to make a 180 and try out community birth work. Farm workers who help animals deliver and want to have the skills for humans near them in need, as they are far from hospital services. These are our students. Pro BA is for the rural birth enthusiast who needs in-depth education on emergency management if they are helping local midwives serve families in their homes far from emergent care. This program is for the prospective or interested student midwife who’s not quite sure if this lifestyle and career choice are right for them yet they want a great foundational education for assisting as they decide if going further into midwifery is right for them. Our program empowers new students and healthcare professionals alike who want to adopt their current skill sets to a different market. We meet people where they’re at and offer them life saving skills education to be a positive impact to their community now. We have faced reality, and with the Pro BA program, the Pacific Birth Institute chooses to create a reality now based in education, infrastructure, innovation, and entrepreneurship that puts the skills of safe physiologic birth attendance back into the hands of community members who never again will lose sight of their innate capacity to serve and who own the power over their community birth history going forward now.