The Founders and Featured Lecturers and Instructors of Pacific Birth Institute

Pacific Birth Institute is A Community

Pacific Birth Institute is the sum whole of all its amazing pieces. We recognize and appreciate the amazing work of each person that has helped make her in to what she has become, and we know that she will continuously grow to champion the innate capacity of all beings and accommodate and platform representation, education, innovation, infrastructure, and entrepreneurship. Please take a look at our Featured Lecturers, Featured Instructors, our Founders, and more members of our amazing staff.

Jessica Johnston CPM, CDM

Jess is not only one of the founders here at PBI, she is also the heart of the Institute. Jess uses her passion and intellect to continuously create a new reality for rethinking the way we do birth in the US. She focuses specifically on regenerative, community-based maternity care access for clients, students, and providers alike.

Trisha Eberly

Trisha is the key to keeping PBI’s wheels turning each and every day. If you get an email from us, see a new post, or have a problem within our system you need help solving Trisha is the brains behind all the day to day operations here at PBI.

Amy Haderer

Amy will be jumping in with our 2022 Pro BA students and sharing her inspiration for Motherboard Birth and how she has alchemized the call of birth into a beautiful mosaic of education, representation, entrepreneurship, and social justice. Amy is a childbirth assistant (doula), artist, birth activist, mother of six, and founder of Motherboard Birth. Visit her website now to discover more about her platform and passion.

Jennifer Hoadley CNM, ANP

Jenn is one of PBI’s phenomenal founders. She uses her deep wealth of knowledge to create courses that can help almost anyone learn how to safely contribute to the birth experience.

Tara McCormack

Tara is PBI’s Project Manager, if something other than knowledge based research and course building is going on behind the scenes, chances are Tara is on the job.

Augustine Colebrook

One of our favorite featured instructors and lecturers to share with our 2022 Professional Birth Assistant Program students, Augustine is a phenomenal biomechanist, visionary, and renowned midwife that we are proud to have partnered with at PBI. You can find more about her work and mission on her website.

Your Name Here?

Are you passionate about all things birth? Do you have a unique voice and a fountain of knowledge that will help students, or even expectant parents? Pacific Birth Institute is committed to engaging birth workers nationwide and we love to offer our students trainings from providers of all types and walks of life that are committed to safe community birth. If you’re ready to be a founding member of this rethinking of the way we approach community birth education and access, we would love to feature you and your work here at the Pacific Birth Institute and expand both our platforms and impact together. If you are interested in becoming a Featured Lecturer or Featured Instructor, collaborating on something fun, and being a part of the solution of safer for all birth, then it’s time we talked about you joining our team.