Professional Birth Assistant Program

All students receive access to our fully online 60 hour Pro BA curriculum to set a strong foundational knowledge in routine and complication care management strategies for community birth settings
12 week immersive learning experience
OSHA and HIPAA Certifications for Birth Center attendance nationwide
Pacific Birth Institute’s Exclusive Professional Birth Assistant Kit which includes entry level supplies for students like a doppler and gel, stethoscope and blood pressure cuff, fundal height measuring tape, and thermometer
Pro BA IV training supplies and Live Webinar training to practice setting a practice IV at home with Jenn and Jess online
Support and connection with other students and birth professionals including a private Facebook group and monthly Zoom call with the community midwife instructors
Course material print-offs, checklists, and care scenarios
30+ Modules to learn about birth, labor, and business basics for starting your career in community birth
60+ hours of course material including instructional videos 
Live instruction and Q&A from some of the most skilled birth workers in the world
Priority enrollment and special offers for future courses and in-person events!
Access to our EXCLUSIVE Pay The Students Program
Access to our EXCLUSIVE Pay The Midwives Program
Access to our EXCLUSIVE Community of Midwives
We train students of all backgrounds, all around the world, in the art of traditional midwifery and evidence-based routine and complication management skills so that they excel at being the right hand to community midwives serving clients at home and birth center deliveries now.
Pacific Birth Institute

Are you a doula that’s ready to stop squeezing hips and to start throwing in IVs to help treat postpartum hemorrhages?

Are you a student midwife that needs a strong etiology of routine and complication management refresher with an advanced skills focus?

Are you thinking about working in birth, but you do not want to commit to midwifery or the doula on-call 24/7 lifestyle and potentially years of education, expense, and unstable pay?

Do you want to work in home and birth center birth, with midwives near you, and assist with routine prenatal care, labor and delivery assisting including listening to fetal heart tones, vitals assessment, well newborn assessments, placenta exams, advanced skills like IVs and medications for complication management in the community birth setting, lactation and the golden hour support, and learn how to serve community midwives now as Professional Birth Assistants?

What Sets Pacific Birth Institute’s Professional Birth Assistant (Pro BA) Program Apart From Others?

We built the Professional Birth Assistant Program (the Pro BA program as we also call it) to motivate an entry-level paid approach to entering the world of community birth for students to become birth professionals for their communities, in place now, supporting midwives to help take more on more clients returning and projected to return to community birth this century. We pay the midwives to bring our students into community birth experience with our Pay the Midwives program and exclusive Midwife Network to easily unite students and midwives. We practice affiliate economics to Pay the Students now. Students can Scholarship themselves. We scholarship one full tuition for every five enrollments to the Pro BA program, and anyone can apply, and if the student lands the five other enrollments, they scholarship themselves! We (we love this part of the program!)
We train entry level Pro BAs to get them paid while serving midwives near them. We are doing our part to build the safety and infrastructure for the continued return of birth home to the community over the rest of the 21st century and beyond. We are rethinking the way we do birth and we know that if you are here, reading this, feeling your YES sing loud, we know that you should join us and be a part of owning your community birth story and skills now so you can be a part of the team that says yes to families everywhere when they seek safe community care. We are the change we have been waiting for, and these skills are part of bringing the innate capacity back to each person in each community now so that we can shift the narrative and outcomes now for the safety of all.

What kind of things do Pro BAs learn? Is this a doula course?

NO! Doulas are hired by clients for labor support. Professional Birth Assistants are hired by midwives and birth centers for birth support directly to the midwife and care team. Different scope of care, different skills training.
The Pacific Birth Institute’s Pro BA Program is a fully online, 60-hour targeted curriculum rooted in scenario-based learning and informed by common didactic education covering the prerequisite, basic, and advanced skills needed for students to become competent and safe birth assistants for community midwives near them now. It has a strong focus on how to assist midwives practicing in community based settings with routine and complication care management. What does that really mean? Our Pro BAs are trained in the skills, identification, assessment, documentation, and next step care protocols to help midwives handle emergencies and easy births alike. The Pro BA program prepares the birth assistant to understand how to best serve community midwives with the best hands-on skills, documentation standards, and professionalism that our birthing clientele deserve from providers. The safety and reputation of community birth rests with every member of the team in the room. Our rigorous program ensures that every graduate is fully trained to anticipate and assist in all routine and complication-based care management in the community birth setting, including IVs and medication administration, lactation and supporting the golden hour, well newborn care, and more. 

Hidden costs? Hidden things to certify? What do I need to do to complete the program?

It’s super simple.

  1. Complete the online curriculum of the Pro BA Program at your own pace.
  2. After you’ve completed the program, we highly encourage you seek Basic Life Support (BLS) and Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) certification near you. It is required for most birth centers, and it is invaluable for everyone in the birth room to have up to date at all times…and it is only in person, so that will be up to you to both find and pay for directly to providers near you.
  3. Last requirement – you need to attend five labor experiences. We hope they all result in births at their planned delivery locations, but we heavily value the transfer process and learning for students as well. Plus, we will pay the midwife $500 after the five experiences are completed, so it makes it a super bonus for both you and your amazing midwife trainer.
  4. You are a Professional Birth Assistant. You will have a Certificate of Completion and a full list of skills and topics learned, practiced, and discussed to take to midwives anywhere for employment consideration that will wow and impress them immediately.
  5. Sign up for your student affiliate link and start making money when you chat to future Pro BA students near you on every tuition sale you help land!

It is that easy to launch your new career.

At Pacific Birth Institute we offer targeted curriculum, Live Skills Webinars, and community support that will teach you the skills you need to start working in the birth community. With our 100% online curriculums, affiliate economic models, as well as our exclusive midwife network, we offer you unlimited growth potential.

Professional Birth Assistant Program Webinars

Live Webinars and Skills Webinars are a key component to the learning experience for Pro BA students. The founders Jess and Jenn, alongside amazing Instructors and Lecturers from around the globe, present one hour Webinars followed by 45 minute student and Instructor Q&A throughout the twelve week immersion. Never graded for attendance and immediately stored in your portal for rewatch after the Live, these Webinars serve to nourish and support the online learning experience while students complete the coursework at their own pace. We meet students where they are, equip them, educate them, connect them, and empower them with a immersion experience that you can’t find anywhere else, from the comfort of your home.

Students will enjoy Live Webinars and Skills Webinars such as:

The World of Community Birth – HIPAA, Professionalism, and The Role of the Professional Birth Assistant

Confidence and Mindset

IVs and Medication Administration in Community Birth Skills Webinar with Jess, Jenn, and your practice IV kit!

How to Set Up a Birth Room

SOAP Documentation and Charting Routine and Complicated Care Management

Leopold’s, Fundal Height, and More: The Routine Prenatal Visit with Jess, Jenn, our pregnant models, and your Pro BA Kit!

Community VBAC, Breech, and Twins with Jenn Hoadley, CNM who practices these variations of normal in the community now in Alaska

Herbs and Homeopathics for Laboring Clients and Newborns with Rachel Pugh CPM, CDM

Chorioamnionitis, Hypertension, oh my! Intrapartum Complications and How You Can Help

Retained Placenta and Maternal Hemorrhage

Shoulder Dystocia Management in Community Birth featuring Jess, Jenn, and our obstetric model Noelle!

Are you ready to…

  • Learn about community birth and how it can work into your life now without being on-call 24/7?
  • Dive deeper into your birth knowledge and learn some usable skills, like intravenous therapy and SBAR communication for transport?
  • Affordably grow your interest and marketability in birth assistant work before diving head first into an expensive school or lengthy apprenticeship?
  • Own your power and start working in community birth now and help your community, and your pocketbook, flourish?

Now you can, all from the comfort of your home. Our program meets people where they’re at and makes birth work for them. We are committed to bringing the community back into the birth room in an affordable and scalable way that benefits providers and clients alike, and our Pro BA Program is the first step in making the dream of birth work accessible to all.

The Pacific Birth Institute Might Be Right For You If…

  • You are a novice to community birth and want to enroll specifically to learn more about community birth before investing further into education and apprenticeship commitments.
  • You want to join and support community birth without going back to school for years. 
  • You feel called to work in birth but cannot commit to the 24/7 lifestyle of the professional midwife or doula.
  • You are a new midwifery student and you want to be immediately valuable to your prospective preceptors.
  • You are a doula or other professional wanting to explore a new role in the birth room and maternity care.
  • You are a licensed healthcare professional (chiropractor, LMT, nurse, any amazing work you already do) and you want to diversify and grow your marketable skill set and venture into a new area of care. 
  • You recognize the invaluable skill sets of survival living, such as competently attending physiologic childbirth. This includes field medics, flight nurses, the average person (this could be your entire reason!)
  • You recognize the problems with the current model of maternal healthcare and want to be part of a solution.
  • You just love birth and you are so ready for some NEW, EVIDENCE-BASED TRAINING AND EDUCATION.

We pay the midwives. We pay the students. We activate the safe return of community birth now.

Pay the midwives. Learn more about how $500 of YOUR tuition is earmarked to go directly toward the midwife near you who takes you into the birth room five times to help you fulfill the labor experience requirements to call yourself a Pro BA. We want you to succeed so much that we will fund your mini experience apprenticeship!

Pay the Students. Learn more about how students gain commissions for every Pro BA registration that they inspire, giving students and Pro BAs passive income access while they grow their careers and education.

Scholarships. Learn more about how we match every five tuitions with one full scholarship to our community.

How Does Learning about Birth Assisting Work Online?

The beauty of being fully online is this: you pay for the course, and you’re in! Each course is broken into modules. Modules will all have easy to use vocabulary lists, printable PDFs and charting templates, synthesis and scenario-based learning activities, and an end of module multiple choice test that is immediately auto-graded. Complete the modules and tests when it works for you to complete the course. Modules will vary between 1-3 hours of length, and some will include lengthy additional recommended reading and research. Successful completion of our Professional Birth Assistant Program awards the student with a Certificate of Completion, identifying all skills learned for prospective employers. Students will also have a completed dossier at the end of the program to bring to prospective employers that will include current OSHA and HIPAA compliance certifications. 

In the Pacific Birth Institute Professional Birth Assistant Program, you will learn the core competencies of working with birthing people and babies during labor and birth in the low resource community setting under the midwifery model of care.  The didactic curriculum is easily accessed online, helping busy students fit birth work into their lives, on their schedules. Community birth making the difference it’s meant to make in maternal healthcare outcomes starts with YOU becoming a badass birth assistant.  From the ground up, we build scalable training and education models that bring the community back into birth in a way that works for them.

What Our Students Are Saying