Scholarship Program

The Pacific Birth Institute stands for innate capacity, education, infrastructure, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Our Professional Birth Assistant (Pro BA) Program is the culmination of these values, and our Scholarship Program is a shining example of how we can infuse education with innovation and entrepreneurship to nourish the innate capacity and grow the infrastructure of 21st century community birth support. We believe in competent, educated, skilled birth attendants meeting families where they are – rural, urban, home, birth center, in a cabin, in a condo – no matter where they choose to give birth, people deserve safe and skilled birth keepers who honor the beauty of traditional midwifery care and are willing to commit to being the safest birth attendant and Pro BA they can be in order to help save more lives now as more people return to the community to give birth more every decade this century. What does that mean to our Scholarship Program? We have four answers to that question.

We commit one full tuition scholarship to our Pro BA Program for every five students registered per cohort every year.

It’s what we decided when we launched, and we stick by it, and we LOVE this part of our job.

We practice affiliate economics and love paying for continued support.

All Students, Midwives, Lecturers, Instructors, Promoters, Podcasts, and Media Partners receive personalized affiliate links. Your audience uses your link for Pro BA enrollment and you get a commission to say thank you for your community support.

We offer every prospective Pro BA student the opportunity to Scholarship themselves.

For the birth geeks and pros out there so ready to join the Pro BA program but feeling the tuition pinch, if you get 5 people to jump in and enroll into the Pro BA program, you get the scholarship earmarked by us for 5 sales! Chat it up in your circles, share our posts, get creative! Have those five enrolling students write your name in on the line “Where did you hear about us?” and you are in for free enrollment into the cohort of your choice.

Anyone can apply

We encourage anyone to apply for a scholarship if they have need. We do not ask for you to prove financial need. We are just happy to have more people like you truly interested in being a part of the change our world needs to help align the skills and power of birth back into the hands of families and communities everywhere. If you want to become a Pro BA, apply today.

Our Scholarship committee will review all applicants and will award scholarships two weeks before the upcoming Pro BA cohort commences.

Scholarships are preferentially given to:

  • Rural and underserved areas in absolute need of skilled birth attendants of all levels
  • Students in areas with midwives providing birth experience by participating in our Midwife Network to complete the Pro BA program birth requirements
  • Indigenous students and students of the global majority
  • Students who have applied for a previous cohort and did not receive a scholarship

Coming Soon Opportunities to Join Our Mission by Donating A Scholarship

If you’re interested in growing a larger, safer birth community, consider donating a scholarship to one of our phenomenal scholarship applicants. We are grateful for and inspired by the communities of our nation, and we would love to support your support of our students today.

Apply Below

All applications are received and reviewed by our scholarship committee. Scholarships for the upcoming cohort will be announced two weeks before commencement of our online cohort. After the scholarship recipients are announced, the recipients will receive access to the program so that they can start in real time with the cohort.